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Welcome to the Biospheric urban ecological experiment in the heart of the Blackfriars neighbourhood of Salford. 


Biospheric Foundation website


We met with Vincent from the Biospheric Foundation and were instantly blown away by his proposal. The Biospheric Foundation is an urban ecological experiment in the heart of the Blackfriars neighbourhood of Salford. They are working to renovate Irwell House, a mill on the banks of the River Irwell, to turn it into an inspiring space for the community and visitors.

Look and feel

The Biospheric Foundation was a new concept. Something that had only existed in PHD research documents and funding proposals so an identity was required that would be flexible enough to grow as the project evolved over the coming years. Within the Biospheric Foundation, which focused on the community work was Epoch 6. Epoch 6 is the privately run aspect of Biospheric Foundation focused on renting out research spaces within the building. We decided that the Biospheric Foundation needed something unique, something that communicated the complex concept but in a way that would be instantly recognisable to the community.

To achieve this we created a geometric shape that graphically represented the relationship between Epoch6 and the Biospheric Foundation. In addition to this simple colours were used to differentiate between the two.


Key to the architecture was creating a differentiation between the two areas for Biospheric Foundation and Epoch6 but retaining full control through the content management system.  Additionally control was required to create new index pages and build the site as new projects and people joined the Foundation.

Technical Development

The most challenging aspect of the build was creating a site that could grow as required in more ways than would be normal for a build of this type. We knew from the outset that new sections, pages, images, video and forms would have to be incorporated as the project developed but that these would be managed in house by the Biospheric Foundation team. With this in mind we designed and built the site with expansion in mind allowing for new sections and pages to be incorporated into the menu and for new media to be incorporated as it emerged.